what am i going to do when he is a teenager?

(photos by Josh)
Because for this adrenaline junkie, it isn't enough to go down a GINORMOUS inflatable water slide on your bottom. Or even on your stomach head first. Come to think of it, it won't cut it if your body has any contact with the ginormous water slide at all. That just doesn't hold the rush that he needs. So, instead...he flies. And he loves it.
But really. Should he be wearing some kind of full-body safety gear around? Like, at all times?


Debbie said...

He was so adorable flying through the air on that thing! Josh got some great pictures of him. I will send you some I took of the kids as well. It was great to see you and the fam. Enjoy your day!

Jamie said...

Yes...he should. :) But....look how much fun he's having. :)
AND I noticed that he wasn't the ONLY child doing that on Saturday! :)

Nonnie said...

:) and i loved how much he loved it!

cassie said...

oh my...it scared me just LOOKING at the first picture. how did he land that jump?!

Bridge said...

beautiful! love him for all his gusto and confidence! by gosh, help him lick his wounds when there are some.