My eyes, upon sleepy awakening, drifted over towards the door of our bedroom this morning where they rested on the division of light and dark. Both of which were accepting and allowing for the other to exist and take space. I immediately thought of keeping the balance and the pleasant fact that today marks the first day of autumn. Well...good morning fall! (and hello again to the beautiful "art by journey" on our door)

For us, the new season brings with it the anticipation of cooler days in which to fill up with outdoor play and joyful learning in nature. We may not see too many trees changing colors or leaves falling to the ground. There will be quite a few more days of heat to travel through but we will notice the change in the air, in the light and in the way we are being pulled to the outdoors. The work in planting a fall garden is in full swing as is the visions of fresh baked bread, new projects for outdoor play, apple cider, pumpkin everything and even (gasp) long sleeve clothing. Could it be? Will it happen? I think it just might.

For today, we are expressing thanks for what we have, in intentional effort to keep the balance in giving and receiving. We are waiting on some home-made bread dough to rise, and we are really "so eh-cited" about both the maple popcorn we intend to make and the trip we will be taking to the fishing store to buy some worms for our compost.

A new season is upon us. Blessed be!


Nonnie said...

sounds very promising indeed....and exciting!
as for journey's artwork....reminds me very much of you...you seemed to have a propensity for writing on everything but paper! :)

Anonymous said...

You read my mind.

daisies said...

happy equinox honey ... much love, xo

Jamie said...

Looking so forward to Fall....I'm feeling as though I can actually feel a change in the atmosphere....even though it's still HOT during the day....it's nice in the am and pm...yay! :)