very, very sneaky

Because there is always broccoli left on his plate.
And because I know that it requires a lot of good nutrition to be this crazy...

I've decided to get sneaky. This book is helping me get that way. I know that Asher will eventually love all the green things on his plate BECAUSE they are full of wonderful, life prolonging things, but in the mean time, I am feeling ok about sneaking. He really is quite a healthy eater...and the boy LOVES his fruit...but he does have an inclination to ward off any food that happens to be leafy. I wanted to feel more confident in the fact that he isn't going heavily deficient in any one area concerning his nutrition, so I saw this book and thought I would give it a go. Talk about being creative with meals! I tried a recipe out for the first time last night. Basically, you make these purees of all different types of food that are PACKED with healthy goodness...and then you add them to foods that your children gravitate towards. Basically you make a healthy version of something that usually is lacking a bit in that department. I don't want to teach him to think that these foods are ok to eat without educating him on WHAT I am putting in there...so believe me...I will NOT be misleading once he begins to understand food concepts a little bit more. I am all about being honest and educating children about healthy eating habits. I am still talking to him about all of the good things I give him and how they help him grow. No worries.

I like to think of this approach as being resourceful...and FUN..and even a bit adventurous. You'll never believe what we had in our tacos last night. Pureed blueberries and spinach. YUM. I wasn't a huge fan...but Asher INHALED an entire taco and even told me that he "yiked" the yummy. Josh came home late and helped himself to one without me letting him in on the sneakiness of it all. He ate one and said..."this is really good...what is in here?". I told him and then he helped himself to seconds.

Success. Except for the whole part about me not really liking it. I am sure it was just because it reminded me of a sweet salsa...and I don't really have an appreciation for that. So...tomorrow I am thinking of Baked Ziti with a bit of pureed sweet potato, carrots, cauliflower, zucchini, and tofu added in.

Shhhhh...don't let Asher know... or Josh...although he is already suspicious about the tofu being in the fridge. One of those things that I know he will love (okay, okay...he won't MIND it)...once he tries it.

Did I really just post a picture of a dirty plate? Sorry about that one.


Anonymous said...

Wow! what a great idea! but I think I would rather not know until I'm about 70!! Oops that's me!
I guess I'll always be anonymous because Google doesn't like me or I'm awfully stupid?
Auntie Vee

Debbie said...

It sounds like a great book. Anything to make meals even more healthy is fine by me. What is the name of it? I could always use a little more sneaky in my mothering! Hope to see you soon :)

jessamyn said...

Auntie Vonda, I think if you choose "other" as an identity...then you can enter your name and it should show up that way when you post comments. I opened up the comments for everyone...so that should work.
Deb...The book is called "The Sneaky Chef". If you hit the link that I included in this post...it will take you to the Sneaky Chef website and it gives info about the book. I tried a few more recipes from it in the past few days and they turned out pretty good. Plus...Asher is lovin' them!

Anonymous said...

Beware of the Baked Ziti. It will be contaminated with Tofu...

-Josh :)

Just kidding babe! I liked the tacos, and I loved the Chicken (pea, spinach, and whatever else) Parmesan last night!

Auntie Vee said...

Well, I'm going to try other and if it works, I thank you dearly! I've lost several tidbits - not that I have anything profound to say - But... I get hotter than our desert you've been talking about!