taking steps::wellness wednesday

it seems that i have been greatly concerned with where my steps are taking me lately. actually, i guess it would be less sufficient to say "lately" but rather "always". i like to make myself aware of the ways that i can bring about healthy change in my life...or the decisions i can make that may lead me to greater understanding of this world...of my life...of mind and body and spirit. i have always kind of treasured that part of my existence...the part that i believe was instilled in me from my loving parents...the part that says "how can i make a difference...how can i make things better...in what ways can i grow?". and i suppose that this season of my life is no different than any other...apart from the fact that it is RIGHT now...and somehow that makes things a bit more important in the sense that the steps i am taking are made because my heart is consumed by my current longings...my perfectly timed evolution into who i am today. does any of that make sense? or i could just say that i have always been this way...always on a path that has led to new questions and more answers and changes in perspective and worldview and confirmation of truth and some more questions that don't find answers...and i find that i let go and grab hold of various ideas and let them sit in my soul and shift things about and what stays is what brings about greater health in my life...in many different ways...towards a fuller, more vibrant ME...and what goes is...well...what DOESN'T do that for me. so, i find that it is a continuous journey...and that i am thankful for all of it...and that i trust i am traveling a beautiful path...and that there is love around and within. i have always been a seeker...and have seen myself moving forward with motivation to find growth...and that has stayed with me even as i chart through this "unknown" territory of being a life partner to somebody else and a mother to two and an individual who is making her way through this crazy world. one difference that i can pinpoint about this specific season compared to various other ones in my life, is that the lessons are a bit more intense. i have spoken a little bit about the huge shifts in my reality over the past three years...these shifts have brought about great big change in my life...and the urgency for me in finding some kind of peace in all of it...some kind of trust...has led me down some really glorious paths...sprinkled with their own bits of beauty and wisdom.
as with any other developmental leap in our lifetimes...i am tuning in more to the steps i am taking to bring about greater health in my life...it is just what makes sense for me right now...and the more i understand the connection between my individual wellness and wellness on a global scale, the more responsible i feel to be the most mindful, compassionate, positive and kind ME that i can be. i have been holding all of that in mind lately, because i am getting to a point of it all coming into focus, where thoughts are floating down into little categories of collection in order to sink in and take root in my life. a few weeks ago, i read this post from the deeply beautiful and engaging daisies ...and i immediately wanted to get on board with this wellness wednesday inspiration from lunar musings ... it all sounded so delicious! so, here i am...my first wellness wednesday...and all i am really doing is introducing my intention in being here...but HEY...that is a step...and that is what life is all about...taking steps and paying attention to where those steps are taking me.
i plan on using each wednesday as an opportunity to share with you the various steps i am making in my life and how they are bringing about greater wellness in my world. i look forward to traveling down this wellness wednesday path...and i hope you join me...cause i always have been a girl who likes a little company on her excursions!


amanda said...

I love this post. How amazing that you give credit to your parents for raising you to seek personal growth and ways to make a positive change in the world around you. I hope I can instill my child with a gift like that.

And I love what you have to say about letting thoughts and ideas sit with you a while, and sifting out what adds to your wellness and what to let go. Very relatable for me, but there are times I need to work at the letting go part.

happy wellness wednesday :)

Debbie said...

Jess, I love your perspective on life and how you live it. I adore having you in my life (and Josie's). You help remind me of what is important and what is possible to let go. I admire your strength to search for what is right for you and let go of the rest. You certainly have left your footprint on this family!

Nonnie said...

The past weeks have brought home to me how each of us, on our own journeys, need to be aware of what helps us cope with life, and how we then collectively help one another. There is a process in all of this, but ultimately to be making decisions that promote healing and hope and wellness.

I really like this idea. I just might need to join it!

daisies said...

:) i so love your beautiful perspective and am so happy you are doing wellness wednesdays. we are all on this journey together i think and i love that sense of community and help and support. hugs! xox