looking into our weekend...

...and anticipating good things!
I have been somewhat hurried today, composing and completing a "to do" list in preparation for a few sweet adventures that I will be a part of this weekend...ones that fill me up with the kind of anticipation that continuously pulls me into the future..into a realm that only exists in my mind...a structure of my longings and projections. There is much to be said about how, when I drift into these fixations on the future...no matter if it is near or far...my children somehow, so perfectly and naturally, show me the wisdom of living in the moment. I think if I had to pinpoint one lesson that is spoken so thoughtfully and provokingly through their play and existence...it would have to be the ways in which they immerse themselves in the present moment, showing me that it indeed is all there really is. I always get brought to this place of realizing what IS and what is NOT, if I just let myself sit and watch my children for a few small moments. What IS...the laughter and vibrancy, the curiosity and wonder, the soft whispers of a baby's babbles and the loud ferocity of a toddler's growls, the mimics and mishaps and the questions...the hands that reach out and grab hold of mama in times of fear...these are the moments that always somehow scoop me up in their importance...often times when I am looking for them the least...and they change my perspective. After all that, it really isn't about a "to do" list that beckons and sends me here and there...but rather about that one moment...the hand that reaches for the swing outside...the smile that appears as she feels the air swoosh past her ears...how a single moment can be all that there is, I may never understand that simplicity again...but I know to pursue that simple truth is something that brings great big beauty into my life.
Wishing you a day full of single moments that bring about great beauty...and enough awareness to allow that beauty to seep into your weekend.
Here's to the moments...enjoy!


Nonnie said...

Something we all need to learn!

Love miss journey in all her splendour!

Jme said...

She's so cute...I just want to squeeze her. And I might have to steal her hat. :) I hope you have a wonderful weekend, far exceeding your expectations and imaginations. :)Remember to be present with it each moment...it will go faster than you wish! :)
Love you!

Beth said...

love LOVE the hat!!!

amanda said...

I think this pst needs to spend a few days on my refrigerator door. I needed to hear this today.

oh, and the photo . . . ADORABLE!

happy sunday :)

Melissa Stephenson said...

Hey Jess - I'm glad you wrote on my blog so I could link up to yours. Journey is beautiful - I gotta say that she looks like a Rundio =) I will write back soon to your email. Love you Friend!!!

daisies said...

that hat is so absolutely adorable a top all that cutenesss :)

heres to wonderful amazing moments :) xox

lunarmusings said...

Yes, I agree, that picture of Love is complete cuteness. And the moment... may we all embrace the now with complete abandon!

jessamyn said...

i love her hat too...i'm thinking of making one of my own!
i'm glad that some of you appreciatted this reminder too...i am constantly learning from these babes.
hi melissa! glad you stopped by...I do think that little Journey does resemble her daddy!
thanks to all for your love!