Harley girl

I have to post these because of what an awesome time it was for me! Pictured above is me...on the back of a Harley (not sure which one I am)...probably grinning from ear to ear...or closing my eyes to fully soak in the adventure...but most definitely relishing in the freedom that comes from the wind pounding on your chest and the space surrounding you and the intimacy between the bike and the road. I had every ounce of trust in the biker I rode along with...so enjoying the experience to its utmost was very easy!
And this is a picture of the rally that we went to...yes...the rally. We dropped by Ignacio where they were having their annual Bike Week. I love that I got to be a "part" of a culture that I normally don't get to be a part of. I love that bikers would acknowledge me on the road as we passed by...because for a short amount of time...I was indeed a "member". So fun! And this here is a look at the bikers we got to hang out with for the day.
The Burns Brothers.
Pretty fierce, huh???
Kyle...thanks again for a memory i am so happy to have.


Simplicity Wins said...

Girl, I am so envious! I love Harleys!!! When people ask me, and they ask me often....What do you want in a man....a Harley is in my top 10. That is so cool. I am so glad you got to have that little adventure. I had a date a few months back with a guy that rode a Harley, I got one ride on that one date...and that was the end of that...But...it was a great ride!!!!!!!!!

Auntie Vee said...

Hey, Motorcycle Mama! Who knew? It looked like sooo much fun!! I rode on a bike once - but we ran out of gas about a block from home. He should have used that excuse when we were out in the toolies! Not too bright!

Debbie said...

Jess, I learn new things about you constantly! Glad you were able to be free with the wind in your face. Glad you enjoyed yourself so much.

Nonnie said...

I got to ride on that same Harley on my bday, Jess!! :) So fun to have new adventures! Just don't tell Bee! )

cassie said...

hey harley girl! i think we have almost enough people to start our OWN riding gang. in the top picture, you are the one in front on the opposite side of the road. dare devil! i loved your visit and the emptiness still echoes in our home. i love you!

daisies said...

: ) how fun ~ my dad used to sell harleys, they are so freaking beautiful ... sigh ... there is nothing like being on one :) great fun photos!! xox