why not?

why does 6 am come so early? why does asher love to step on my head in the morning? why is journey only sleeping for minutes at a time? why was asher SO good during gymnastics class yesterday only to go find the closest kid to push down when i told him how pleased i was with him? why does a van have to be perfectly in PARK in order to start? (that one is for you deb...thanks again for coming to my rescue) why is it that asher remembers me buying him a sticky green octopus toy from the grocery store WEEKS ago...and begins asking for another one the minute we pull into the grocery store parking lot...and keeps asking for one throughout our entire visit there...and throws a more than mild fit when we don't leave the store with another sticky green octopus toy...screaming "TUPTUPTIE" (asher language for octopus) over and over again? why do they have special parking lots reserved for pregnant women but none for parents with screaming toddlers and 17 pound babies in car seats? why does asher love to make journey smile until i ask him if he could go make journey happy while mama makes dinner...to which he replies "nooooo nourney happy" and continues to "stir" my steaming vegetables until they are mush? why is it that the ONLY thing that would stop journey's tears in their tracks was asher dropping all 20 of his dinosaur refrigerator magnets on top of her? why did she think that was so funny? why does asher always need to be saved as SOON as i start to nurse journey? "hep mama hep...em tuck!" (help mama help...i'm stuck!) why is it so hot at 3pm that when we get in our van asher says "HOT mama ...fider (fire)"? why is it going to get SOOOOOOOO much more hot than that? why does asher get in and out of bed no less than 15 times when it is time for him to go night-night and why do his song requests always center on eels and whales and dinosaurs...all of which i really don't KNOW any songs about so the lyrics and music change night to night? (does anyone know any songs about these things???) why is there nothing sweeter than a walk down the canal at sunset with my family? again....why does 6 am come so early???? well....probably because there is an entire day to be lived! *by the way...the van is named! Her name is Sweet Escape...or "Sweet-E" for short!


Debbie said...

I feel you on the 6am thing! Sleeping in....I don't quite remember. Loved your description of your family, as always. BTW, I got a cool seat for Josie last summer. You keep it in the freezer and put it on the seat while you are running errands or before you leave the house. It makes their seat nice and cold and not wet. It is the greatest thing created by a mom! Even when the car is hot, their seat is cold. Just a thought.... Hope your day goes smooth. Glad we could help with Sweet-E yesterday. :)

Simplicity Wins said...

Your family walks b the canal sound delightful. We are suppose to have a beautiful, cool weekend, I hope you get to enjoy it with the little ones.

Andrea Powell said...

Here's a song called Slippery Fish

Slippery fish slippery fish swimming through the water
Slippery fish slippery fish
Gulp Gulp - Oh know he was eaten by an -
Octopus, Octopus
swiggling through the water
Octopus, Octopus
Gulp Gulp - Oh know he was eaten by a -
Great White Shark, Great White Shark gliding through the water great white shark, great white shark - Gulp Gulp, Oh know he was eaten by a
Humungous(spelling?) Whale, Humungous Whale spouting through the water - Humungous Whale, Humungous Whale - YUM YUM

*I do movement with each one. hope it helps

Cory said...

Ohhhh, Asher will loooove this song. It has all of his favorite animals. Except of course the "saur." Maybe the saur could eat the huge whale :)

GG said...

Oh Jessie, some of those questions will never be answered! And all through their different ages and phases of life you will ask questions that will get harder and harder and some will never be answered. But despite lacking answers..... through my childrens' different ages and phases.... they turned out great and life was and still is beautiful....and I am still surviving at almost 79...and you know what???.....I think I have forgotten all of the unanswered questions! GG

Jessamyn said...

Thanks for the song Andrea! I am sure that Asher will be just thrilled about it. Some of his most favorite things are sea creatures. :) So glad you visit us here!:)

Nonnie said...

Nice name for the van! I had been thinking about names for her on the way to Bisbee. (before I called you) I came up with

Good Ship Lollipop II
Great Expectations
The momma momo
and a few others! :) But Sweet Escape sounds just right. Hope all works out with her! :(

tia said...

i thought this entry was just so fun. it just gave a good picture of what happens through your day. tiresome though it may be, it is a beautiful life you and josh have created.