5 wonderful months

there are several words that people choose to use when describing you that seem to be repeated from person to person. some of them being:
old soul
easy going
the list really does go on. people are drawn to you. they love to see you smile (and you are oh so generous with your smiles). i never worry about you adapting to things. sometimes i find myself counting on you to understand when i have to attend to your brother first before you...and it seems that you truly DO understand and allow me that space. you seem to know things that perhaps a 5 month old shouldn't already know. most people, upon meeting you, will comment about your full cheeks...and the next thing they notice are your eyes. oh those eyes! so wise...so knowing...so forgiving...so gentle...so happy. one of the nurses who saw you about three days after you were born said "i think she has been here before". perhaps you have. there are many things that people have to say about you. some of the things i have come to know about you are:
you are very observant
you communicate with your eyes and they truly are a window to your soul
you are so generous
you are so optimistic...so patient and so tolerant
you can bring peace into a room with just being there
you "speak" when you need to and don't when there are other ways to communicate
you trust openly
you are so familiar to me
you love your big brother and he loves you
you secretly crave attention but aren't addicted to it
you love life and the simple joys of living
you have brought great balance into our lives...making things more harmonious
i am extremely, beautifully blessed through you
i new your spirit so intimately when i was housing you in my body...but i never knew how you would change and add to my life. i never knew that birthing you would be such a surreal and adventurous experience. i never realized what it would mean to me to have a baby girl...to think about raising a strong woman...to search through what all of that means for me.
because of all that you are...i know that the future truly is going to be one magical journey.
i love you my dear child. thank you for these really PERFECT past five months


GG said...

Jessie, what a beautiful tribute to your daughter, Journey. It is like a tone poem but lacking the symphonic background. Neverthless, I can hear the melody in my head as I read it. I have read it several times already and haven't tired of it yet and don't expect to. You must preserve this, Jessie, so that Journey will always know the expression of awe and love that you feel for her not only now but even before her birth.

Nonnie said...

What a little angel. Such love and contentment she exudes. Her smile can just melt your heart!
Love you little Journey girl!

kristjana said...

You made me cry a little.... what beautiful words and what a beautiful little girl. Save that one for her, and read it to her when she's a teenager; it will remind you both of the deep love that you share!

patience said...

what lovely writing j...your words flow best about the people you hold most dear. many mama blessings for the next 5 months, years, decades...how can it not be joyous with a name like journey.

Debbie said...

What a beautiful description for a beautiful little girl. She brings such joy to all that meet her. You are a lucky family!

Simplicity Wins said...

She is so beautiful and so are you. Your children are so fortunate to have you and Josh for parents. I love your little family so much!

Beth said...

what a special baby girl! i feel like i know her just from your words!