the pleasure of anticipation

Just a quick post to let you know we are still alive and kickin. Aside from the fact that we got our van to start (not miraculously but with a TON of hard work from Josh and my cousin Hector) only to have it break down...again, and that Asher came down with not only an ear infection but also EYE infections (yes...it really happens)...we are doing pretty ummmmmm...well. Josh and I got to take a mini break from reality and went to see Spidey 3 at the theatres last night, Asher is feeling much better and my dad is coming over tonight to help tow the van to a shop for some diagnostic testing. I think it is about time for things to start turning bright. I read this little paragraph this morning from an inspirational book I have: "Awaken today and every day with the gift of dreams, the grace of a grateful heart, and the capacity to look toward the brighter side of things. Rise each morning filled with an enthusiastic purpose that gives you joy, for joy will give you wings. Start each morning with the pleasure of anticipation, and always anticipate good things." - Vickie M Worsham Doesn't that just seep into your bones and make you want to live more purposefully? If only for the moment? I think I have done a pretty good job pushing myself to not get effected by the events taking place lately....I mean really it is all stuff that can be fixed and in the grand scheme of things they aren't really BIG things, after all. I haven't been anticipating more bad things....but I probably haven't been intentional about anticipating good things either. I have just been somewhere in the middle of the road. So this is my lesson. To seek the brighter side of things. What can we appreciate about the fact that my van broke down in the middle of a very hot day? We got to take a walk along the canal that we normally wouldn't have taken. We got to make a memory with Mary and Avery and it will be something we can laugh about now. Instead of waking with a heart full of expectation of how things usually go and how things normally go....I should wake with a grateful heart for the many AMAZING things in my life that are truly abnormally good. And being filled with an enthusiastic purpose that gives me joy and gives me wings....aaaaaagggggghhhhhh....I just like saying that one out loud. It stirs the soul. So...here's to new days...grateful hearts...silver linings...and the anticipation of good things... actually...make that big, fat GREAT things! I will be posting about the really great moments we shared with Mary and Avery as soon as I can get my hands on a computer that will allow me to download some pics. And speaking of really GREAT things. Happy Birthday to baby Reagan Rundio. Shannon and Dan (Josh's brother and his wife) welcomed their baby girl into the world sometime this morning. I don't know all the details but will give more later as I learn more. We are so happy she is here and can't wait to see pictures of her. She was greatly anticipated! Especially by Shannon who was 41 weeks!


Nonnie said...

Great thoughts! Amen :)
I have read that a great exercise to do at night to help with our frame of mind is: When you lie down to sleep, even though the day may have been so hectic and full of problems, find three things to be thankful for that also occured. It has been proven to improve ones peace of mind. Probably also helps with the next day! :)

GG said...

Oh,Jessie, you are such a dear. When you are writing about how to be positive about all of the misfortunes that have recently befallen you and your little family...I nearly busted a gut laughing when you wrote,"What can we appreciate about the fact that my van broke down in the middle of a very hot day?

Now I realize that was not a funny happening when you have a baby and a young whippersnapper. But you saw the positive side in just merely taking a walk along the canal. It is the old saw: when you have lemons...make lemonade! I try to practice that too.

I absolutely love my next door neighbors; a husband, wife, and 4 boys. But something they do literally gripes the hell out of me,if I let it. There is a 14 ft. space between our houses....7ft is mine and 7 ft is theirs. All ice cream bar wrappers, styrofoam cups, broken toys, wooden ice cream bar sticks, empty water bottles, bicycles, pedal cars, toy guns, toy cars, skate boards, etc end up in this space. When they drop trash there it stays and the mom and dad too will walk right over it until hell freezes over. I used to point it out to them but they never remedied it for more than a week and it was back to the same careless habits. I do not want to alienate them because otherwise they are the best neighbors I have ever had in the 52 years I have lived here. So now I go out every morning when Mom goes to school to learn English; Dad is gone to make a living; 3 boys go to school and the youngest goes to the babysitter, and I pick up all the trash and dispose of it. I place the good toys and stray shoes and sox by the front door so Mom will find them. In doing so I exercise my aching back and work the kinks out of it with all the bending over; I enjoyed the brilliant yellow blooms of the catclaw vine that I othewise would have missed. And when I am done I walk to the curb and scan the area and think, "Oh how nice it looks. They never notice what I do and never mention it. But now I love doing it and it makes me happy to have that area clean for at least a small portion of the day. And I don't get irritated with my neighbors. Instead, I am so glad that I found a way to not get upset with them and the longer they live next to me the more I love them. GG

Cory said...

You know Jess,
We have had several talks about looking on the bright side of things. Sounds like you are making a great attempt and I am very proud of you sister.

Debbie said...

Jess, I am amazed at your ability to view life in such a positive way. You have a strength that is so admirable. May your life start to challenge you less in the unexpected ways! :)