she's crafty!

I have been meaning to share about the first sewing date I held for the Little Dresses for Africa project that I wrote about here. Last month I had several women over for a few hours of starting on our pillow case dresses. We cut, chatted, pinned, sewed, ironed, cut some more and finished the two hours with a lot done, but a lot more to go!
Since then, I have had a portable table set up in our reading room. It is the resting place for all materials involved in the making of these sweet little dresses. And it taunts me every day!
So, I plan to host another date. This time in the evening, without as many children among the bunch. Perhaps with some dessert and maybe some wine? Oh, and wider bias tape. Yes, I'll have that too!
If you are interested in joining in, let me know! It will be a yummy evening of sweets and drinks and the creative collaboration of fabulous women practicing a bit of craftivism. Just the kind of thing that makes this world a better place to be in.


kimberly said...

sounds good....count me in! :)...will feel good to complete them and get them on their way to being useful!

MamaTea said...

Can I join you virtually? Maybe I could do something like that here. With wine, of course :) Sounds like a fantastic project.

Debbie said...

I would love to help...but I can not cut or sew in a straight line :( May just come over with some wine and dessert...I think you might let me in then! :) Either way, I have some pillow cases for you that I have been holidng onto for awhile. Miss you dear friend and really need to make time to get together with the kiddos.

PixieDust said...

Oh, you beauty, you! What a big wonderful heart you have. Perhaps I could help donate some pillow cases or material? I haven't made a dress since my daughter was little (she's now 17 - yikes), and I only know how to hand sew. Let me know, please!


(((HUGS))) to you, mi Amor,

latisha said...

id like to try to come this time. been a long time since ive sewed, but i have a machine...let me know details.

Vonda said...

Wine, huh? Sounds like maybe a lot of zig zag going on!!
It would be fun to come...but my machine isn't exactly portable and with the wine and distance...I would probably have to spend the night!! he he

jenica said...

yay! i'm so glad you're doing this with me. such pretty pictures and so much goodness.


jessamyn said...

MamaTea~ start one up where you are! It would be so fun!

Deb~ of course, come with your wine and yummies in hand. you are always welcome.

PixieDust~ I would love your pillowcases lovely!

i will give you the deets as soon as I have them figured out! Yay!

bring your pillow! ;)

i love you.