these magic moments.

I have been occupying a tender little place for the past week or so. I noticed that several experiences in my life were taking me to these places of fear, where I started to want to shut down a little bit, close off, and cuddle up. My mind has been trying to attach to several different distractions where I am quickly brought back to the root of it all and I am left with the fears and the emotions that accompany those fears. I've noticed that I am learning a lot about where I look for validation and where I allow other people's opinions to define parts of me. I have been having some really useful conversations with some of the lovelies in my life...where I am led to a better understanding of what my fears are telling me. And for the most part, I am still kind of sitting with the murkiness of it all, because that has become my practice of getting through it. I know that it is all here to tell me something. I know that I am hearing these fears for a reason and that I am coming up against situations that touch on these fears in order for me to better understand how to live courageously in the face of them. I know that it all makes up life as a practice of opening further and living more fully. I am honoring all of it. Today I organized certain parts of my house. I cleaned and I went through "stuff" and the whole day held a meditative pulse where I was able to check in with myself and ground in small experiences of peace. It reminded me of how much I need that daily grounding that can only come through awareness. I haven't really been doing that lately... and I can see that when this happens, the problems seem bigger... the patience is thinner, I feel smaller, and any small emotional distraction can take me for a walk around the park, leaving my center behind. When I come back, this is where I can see what is right in front of me. This is where I can access that infinite part of who I am...the one that is clear and loving and fully supported. This is the place where dreams are born and made real. *Light in the darkness*


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