spin it.

i've had this wonderful love for vinyl for quite some time now. i don't even remember when it started. but something about a record. yum. so you can imagine (or at least try) my disappointment when not one, not two BUT THREE of my record players were damaged beyond repair by my very own husband in the length of time i have known him. two were stepped on in college. and the third was broken on the day i received it as a gift. needless to say, i haven't heard the sound of a record in my living space for, well....years. today i decided to put an end to that fatality. and i looked on craigslist for a record player, and i found one that sounded just perfect. which had just been posted yesterday. hello universe! thank you for knowing my need for some vinyl. i made the connection, stopped by the bank for some quick cash, and brought home my gently used record player.
to help instill this love for spinning into my children, i grabbed the winnie the pooh record i have in my collection. they sat. and listened. and really enjoyed it. and i couldn't stop smelling my records. and listening to that delicious crackly sound as they spin around and around. and the sound of bob dylan on vinyl is just ten times more rich. and i am so happy to have a working record player in my home...
so very happy.


latisha said...

happy you're happy. there's a purity about vintage play that we've lost in opening pandora.

i'm hearing neal diamond now. one of my mama's favorite records. brought a whole new meaning to crakin' rosie.

Debbie said...

What a beautiful record player. I can just picture you and the kids going between sitting and listening to the music and then getting up to dance. Glad the universe listened to your deep desires. Hope you have a day full of music! :)

cassie said...

i so love reading all of this postive vibe shouting out from your entries these days! way to take your life by the horns. :) i love you...and your record player. ooooooo i am jealous. seeing the winnie the pooh story book record brought back some memories with my sissies. *sigh*

Vonda said...

So what is going to keep this player away from your klutzy husband?

Cam@Journey Wildly said...

Ahhh...we align again, soul-sister! I also have quite an affection for vinyl. The town we just left had the most awesome little record store, just the coolest place to visit! I managed to build an impressive little collection of the Doors, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, and so much more!

We had to part with our vintage player right before we left. It was too large to transport, and it was having some issues anyway.

You have just inspired me to check into adopting a new one! I will let you know how it goes!!

Isn't that crackly white noise stuff the best? Love it! My first memory of a record being played was Puff the Magic Dragon. It sounded AWESOME!!

Congrats on your new player!

kimberly said...

so funny sass....i just went through our record collection two days ago, looking for bob dylan!!!!!!! alas i didn't find him :-).....must have been the memory of seeing that cover at some point! i love vinyl too and am happy that every once in a while i can listen to songs that bring to mind many places i have been in my lifetime!
when the kids were here about a month ago, some of them listened to disney's "the fox and the hound" and read along with it....they really did enjoy the process!