when life offers peace

It is usually unanticipated yet severely lovely...these small moments of peace that tip toe into our lives and leave behind their grace and pleasure. I've been experiencing a few and I could think of no better way to honor the gifts than to share them with you.
~noticing the fields upon fields of mature corn basking in the hot summer sun just waiting to be picked and devoured.
~the slow, scrumptious sound of Corinne Bailey Rae accompanying me and my clients during massages.
~a lone trek to Jo Anne's...and getting lost in her aisles of possibilities
~an unusually overcast day that was a perfect fit for our already subdued moods...although it was due to my babes having fevers, it turned out to be quite medicinal in that we lied around in sleeping bags all day long with books and movies. a perfect remedy to a long, busy few weeks.
~just baked chocolate chip cookies
~sunflowers adorning my kitchen table
~my little boy speaking softly in his sleep while I type
~slowly and steadily catching up on some of my favorite blogs and all of their beautiful inspiration
~the taste of summer strawberries and the fact that they are a part of our breakfast every possible morning
~holding my baby girl while she snoozed and drooled on my shirt
~taking notice of those moments that swoop me up and teach me that I am everywhere I need to be...right now.


velvet brick said...

what a serene post...and I appreciate those pretty pictures of the corn... very nice, indeedy. Have a wonderful day!

Nonnie said...

thanks for the picture of sweetness, jess.....lovely images. and glad you had some peacefulness....it has been a whirlwind...

Jme said...

Did you happen to notice the amazing sunset last night? I tried to take pictures, but couldn't possible capture the beauty of all the beauty that was going on!
Glad you've found some peace. :)

Downing Family said...

I love the way you appreciate life and it's tiny details. :) And I understand why you do completely.

cassie said...

ahhhh a bouquet of happiness

daisies said...

: )

Debbie said...

So glad you found some quiet and peace amoungst the craziness of the month. Hope you can find some more and that everyone is feeling well.

Mary said...

I love it that you know how to stop- to savor- to treasure- especially when you have Littles- Thanks for a beautiful post that made me nostalgic for just under the weather days with little people falling asleep on your shouldar.

Elizabeth said...

What a beautiful post, I loved all the imagery (and the photos of those impossibly green cornfields too).