as is


and lows.

There is a lot going on in this little home. Some sickness. Some potty learning. Some creating. Some reading. Some going within. There is much that I wish to record, but I haven't the energy to do so at the moment. Just wanted to pop in for a few brief words. We are resting and playing and relaxing "as is".


Beth said...

good to see your sweet little ones! we are the same around here...just enjoying living:)

Nonnie said...

ohhhhh, what wonderful pictures jess....love them! and they say so much....no need to explain further! :)

Debbie said...

Love the pictures. It was great talking to you yesterday. Hope your home finds some balance with the highs and lows soon...Enjoy your crazy weekend!

Melissa Stephenson said...

Boo for sickness =( I know it's a part of life, but still... No fun!

I have not hiked Havasupai (i've never been to the Grand Canyon! Isn't that horribly sad??!!) but am also very interested as I heard it was fabulous! Let me know...=)

Gillian said...

Resting and blissing out is the best.
I was only thinking today that I will do the same, break from posting until next week, to fluff my pillows and dust my brain.
Your highs and lows are the best. (kids)

Annette said...

o to be a kid again and be able to jump on the bed, that was so much fun...I love to see litlle people sleep, he look's like an angel, I remember those potty training day's alot of work....I would do all over again if I could. have a great day....Annette

Mandy said...

your baby girl looks like a little angel! so sweet

latisha said...

hi again! I wanted to tell you I linked you in my new blog. you reallhe are the reason I decided to start one for myself. you were the first introduction to the blogging world beyond. after pouring over your links I was lead to more and got crazy inspired. we did finally find a CSA that we pick up right near ASU. its local, organic and cheap! thanks again for the inspiration to write again and the encouragment to find good veggies.

bella said...

I love this.
feels a lot like where I'm at as well.
Lots going on, highs and lows, and creating and just being with it all, as is.
I can feel the rest, the surrender, the peace, that comes with it, all of it here, saturating your words.
Take good care.

Downing Family said...

I love these photos!