in the blink of an eye

Asher Drake (one year old and fiercely adorable)
Have I mentioned what a busy month June is here in my family? My goodness. It seems like there is a continuous stream of birthdays, graduations, celebration days, etc...I always know that when the month of June rolls around, it will be gone before I blink. It is just one of those months. And I do love it. It is a time of honoring some very important people in my life...my mama, my grandpa, my husband and my own daddy...and all of that reflecting makes me feel like a very blessed gal. Yes...I am very blessed. We have had so many fun parties and events to attend in the past few weeks. And one very special one we are planning for....Asher's third birthday is on Friday! A few weeks ago I had a talk with him about what kind of party he would like for his birthday. I thought that if he could see some ideas he would be more interested and better grasp the notion of a party and everything that entails, and then perhaps we could have some conversations about it so that he knows what to expect when the day comes for his special gathering. I happened to have a catalog that was FULL of fun party themes and ideas. So I had him flip through the pages. We kept narrowing his favorites down until there was only two left...and what were they, you ask? Well...they just so happened to be BUGS and FLAMINGOS. His final choice ended up being bugs and started sharing the fun news about his "bug potty" with everyone around him. He grew so attached to the paper that featured his choice theme that he went to bed each night with it in hand. He also slept with the flamingo ("nino") page, and still is, because it is the only one that has survived the treacherous journey of his obsessive inclinations. I do love that boy. I love his loyalty. So we are starting to create and think up some fun ideas for his day....all in hopes that he grasps a tiny bit of what a truly remarkable person he is as he turns three. I love that his birthday falls around the summer solstice (he was born on the longest day of the year, and oh how fitting that was for his birth) because it so perfectly fits with change and letting things go. He will only grow older...and I will continuously have to "let go" of the baby that he is and accept more of who he is becoming. The only thing that doesn't change is that I am constantly in amazement of his being. It is proving to be quite a month....of reflection, of letting go, of feeling blessed, of starting new creative patterns, of moving forward with greater passion and of realizing the importance of change. What kind of month have you been having?


GG said...

I have never been to a Bug Party so I am looking forward to it with great anticipation. I am racking my brain to come up with something to fit in with the theme of the party. As for "what has my month been like?"....Since I turned 79 this month it has been a month of reflection and tears of emotion over memories that have flooded over me. I remember Asher's birth and how he grows more physically beautiful every year. Will that ever stop??? Perhaps he will reach a point where his outer beauty will be overtaken by his inner beauty. But whatever happens I know he will be a beautiful person. When I realize I won't be here to see his inner beauty at maturity I am saddened but I rest assured he will have it because of the parents he has. I have become tearful over the beauty of my family; remembrances of my beautiful mother; my blessed Grandma Lindley who loved me so much; the friends I cherish and love; my best friend, Gene, who has stood by me through thick and thin since 1956. Today I had lunch with my Mexican friend, Librado Renteria, who I met in 1960 at the funeral of his brother, Procopio, who was shot to death in a drunken brawl over a TV set. From that incident we formed a friendship that has lasted into the old age of both of us. From that death we have had a beautiful relationship so full of life! I received a phone call from the best man at my wedding who lives in Toledo, Ohio and that conversation was full of tears and laughter. He is now 80 years old and we remember so much about our beautiful friendship formed in 1948. Yes, it has been a month of reflection, memories and tears....and laughs too. And one of the nicest things was when my little neighbor boy invited me to his 12th birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza and wrote on the invitation he wanted me to come because "Bill, you are so special!" How can a 12 year old feel that way about an old geeer like me?....more tears! Yes, my month has been a month of reflections resulting in tears, laughter and lots and lots of happiness over all that I have excperienced in this 79 years of life. GG

Melanie said...

We had a similar month in both April and May. My oldest also turned three in May and I am watching her change right before my eyes. She no longer looks or even talks like a baby anymore...kind of makes me sad on the inside but I know it's part of the process and I must let go. Time goes by so fast doesn't it?! I am so thankful that I chose to stay home to be with my girls. These moments are far too precious!

Blessings to your son on his birthday! Asher and Journey are blessed to have a mother like you.

Debbie said...

Asher has grown into such an amazing little man. You and your family are truly blessed with your children. We are excited for the bug party, it will be Josie's first bug themed party!

Maybe the spring is just a time of reflection for everyone. This has been a time for our family of looking where we have been and the exciting road ahead of us. Preparing for the future while remembering the past. Not much is better than that.

Nonnie said...

It's hard to believe Asher will be three! But, we see him growing soooo much every week. He is getting to be quite the big boy!! Still the same enthusiasm for life, in whatever he is doing. Still a water baby!!! Can't wait to "fweem" with his wings on. Still the same sweet smile and giggle that melts your heart. STILL the same love of fishies and din-on-saurs, and the list goes on!! What fun to celebrate his birth. What a little blessing he has been.

Jme said...

He has changed so much. :) I love him dearly!! Can't wait to celebrate his "bug" number 3! :)