Happy Birthday June Bug!!

Three years ago today, you decided to make your way into this earthly world. It wasn't an easy task. Looking back on your three years, nothing really has been all that easy. In fact, from the very beginning of your existence in this lifetime....from the moment I knew of your presence...there was much to learn and adapt to. Learning with you accounts for the most intense lessons of my life. I never knew a single person could help change and shape me in the ways that you have. Our journey together was unexpected...and yet it was so perfectly designed. From the second I was aware of you...we have been a team. We have faced valleys and climbed mountains together, and I know the learning will only continue. I never knew that I could love so intensely...or that I could fear so deeply...or that I could work so hard for the well being of someone else. You bring me to meet my weaknesses and you trust that I use my strengths, and that trust, little one, is what pushes me to uncover everything I am. I always wonder whether the fierceness of my love for you comes from you being my first born, or if it is just because of who you are...your spirit...the essence that makes you, YOU. You, yourself, are severe. You always have been. You never hold back. I can remember you being on extremes from the tender age of day one. You feel with everything you are and you express it without hesitation. You are so many things to me in this world my sweet boy.
There is so much to know about you...
you are the storm and the stillness that comes after...
and I hope that you always hold space within for everything you are.
A thundering waterfall and a silent spring.
I so admire the creature that you are. And on this blessed day...I honor your spirit...the creation of you. For this world exploded with great possibility three years ago today. You made your way here and brought along a whole lot of magic with you. Thank you for sharing that with me and for teaching me about what it truly means to grow.
I hope that you have a tremendously beautiful day, full of all your favorite things...and that being three feels just the way you hope it would!
I love you Asher.


Simplicity Wins said...

Oh happy day! I remember this day 3 years ago so well. I was hanging on all day waiting for that call to hear of your arrival. Praying for your mama that things would go smoothly and you would be born healthy and strong. And you were....you have gotten so big and have such a strong spirit about you. You are a wonderful little guy, it has been so great to watch you grow up into such a handsome, smart little person. Happy Birthday Asher Drake!

Debbie said...

It is hard to come up with words to describe the feeling that your letter evokes. I have tears in my eyes knowing the undescribable love of a mother and child and the amazement of the being that Asher is and will be. Great and amazing things are in store for the future. We are blessed to be included in this wonderful life of yours. Happy Birthday. May you always know how special you are to all that you meet.

GG said...

Jessie, Happy Birthday June Bug is one of the most beautiful tributes and expression of love by a mother for her child that I have ever read. I cried from beginning to end. Asher is lucky to have you for a Mom and you are lucky to have Asher as a son! GG

kristjana said...

Just beautiful. Your little boy is so blessed to have a mama that can articulate her love so tangibly. What a tribute!