That's my dad!

I think there is quite a friendship forming here...wouldn't you say? Looking at these pictures makes me so happy that my children have such a great daddy! My dad was, and continues to be, such a powerful influence in my life. I think that my kiddos will probably feel the same way about theirs. He is a good man!


Brittni Turgesen said...

She sure loves her daddy! She is soooo Cute! I miss the little munchkins.

Nonnie said...

Such a great thing for Josh to have such a close bond with his little ones. I love her little hand thing she does!

GG said...

Everyone already knows that I have great admiration for Josh. In these photos it is as if Journey is already feeling that admiration too and expresses it in the way she looks at her Father. These are beautiful expressions of love between Father and child. GG