Environmentalist in the making

We went to a park a few days ago and Asher was displaying such great JOY over being in nature. It was a beautiful day. We were by a lake and saw duckies and all kinds of different birds. We got to lay in the dirt, eat the dirt, picnic in the grass and feel the slight breeze on our skin. As Asher chased the duckies around the pond, he got so overjoyed that he ran up to a tree and just wrapped his little arms around it as far as he could. It was such a sight. Simple living at its best. He tilted his head back and stood in awe of the wind through the leaves...and just kept a grin on his face the entire time we were there. It was magic. My little tree hugger.


Nonnie said...

As I remember, this little boy has loved nature from such an early age. "Flower" was one of his first words, and he consistently shows his love for the outdoors. What a great picture!!!

Jamie Feigner said...

I'm so glad he's a tree lover like his auntie mimi. At least I know he'll be on my side the next time uncle matt wants to chop down a tree! :)