finding what IS.

i live for those expansive moments. the ones that make you breathe deep and fill your lungs with enough oxygen to last for days. i never know when i might journey into those, but i am always so comforted when i meet myself there. i met one at the beach last week. i saw a quiet opportunity to venture down the shore as my wee ones played with their daddy in the surf.
i began looking around for treasures. small trinkets of truth that tumbling around in wild waves of uncertainty softens edges over time. and there i found myself, just looking down at my feet taking one sand soaked step at a time. i wasn't looking forward, but i was convinced to keep moving. and i thought to myself, "how do i know when to stop?". and i turned that question around in my mind and i realized that it wasn't just about a walk on the beach. it was about my constant urge to move beyond. to go somewhere. to reach some place off in the distance. and even though i focus on the steps... when do i know when to just stop and rest in what IS. it was about that time that i decided to turn back around. to what i know. to what is love. to what exists. to what is. and on my way back "home", i discovered my treasures. some softened sea glass. rocks as smooth as silk. and a little shell that told me a story.
a story of adding what IS to your life in complete embrace, in a way that recreates you as a beautiful new creation. adding layer upon layer of experience... and solidifying that experience into your existence. and it reminded me that sometimes, when you venture back to what IS... you find a whole lot of beautiful along the way.


Maggie Ann. said...

Oh Jessamyn, this is so so very wise. My heart has been gently speaking this very message to me here lately.
I have felt so lost in all of my searching for answers. And recently a voice has been speaking to me to be found where I am, that I will find something very special in the areas most familiar to me that I have overlooked in my search for truth.
Thank you for this ever so soft, graceful, and gentle bit of confirmation. You are an angel.
So much love,
Maggie Ann.

latisha said...

you are amazing. the way you capture a thought in 'film' AND words. your shots are getting so good and so professional.

loved your photos with boho girl. admire your bravery in approaching a stranger not so strange.

Debbie said...

Wow, what a powerful message. As always you have touched a part of my heart and head that needed to think a bit and search for my own answers. As always...amazing photos and words.