it's simple, really

"mama, my nose holes are kind of yittle (little)."
It is small discoveries like this one that make my life so good. I love hearing and watching my children discover the world and take notice of the simplicity of life. It reminds me to do the same and it also teaches me to take note of what exists and what is wonderful just because it IS.
I've had a really heavy few days where life doesn't feel so simple and the complexity of emotion whirls around and within me. Focusing on the simple things is what helps bring me sanity. It is what clears the windows of my soul so that I may see the bare naked blessing of this life. When we are faced with the potential of big fears becoming alive and real, it is so easy to get swept away and covered in the waters of that pain...where we gasp for air and search for safe land. It is in all that clamoring where my children have shown up and awaken me to the truth that I am not drowning. If I could just focus on the simplicity of things then stillness would be known all around me.
This week is considered U.S. National Downshifting Week as read about in a posted e-mail from my holistic mom's network bulletin, and also on this website . We are already a little over half-way through the week, but I still wanted to make note of it here and share a link for the created manifesto...just in case you were feeling an urge to support and be supported in enjoying the simple things.
This was a timely awareness for me because the act of turning my mind and heart on simplicity is what has brought me comfort and stability. Keeping it simple...choosing kindness when there are so many other responses to be had...fostering a soft heart...coaxing my heart open...these are simple truths that hold with them a great deal of learning and living. I have found that living simply goes beyond the strategy of consuming less and clearing our lives of "stuff". It also involves caring more about the quality of life and the joy found in the natural, everyday circumstances that are so simple and lovely.


Kirsten Michelle said...

send me a day and a time that works for a chat next week and i'll do everything in my power to make it happen...
we quite simply can't put it off any longer.

Nonnie said...

and there are so many simple, wonderful moments each day.....that i am so guilty of letting get crowded out....because of the stresses, worries and hecticness of life.....so good to be reminded not to burden ourselves to the point of suffocating what is in front of us.....the simple observations....nose holes really are yittle! :)
thanks sass.

Cory said...

I love this Jess. It is so easy to get caught up in our pain and fears. There is something very empowering about simplicity. Maybe because in appreciating those small things the "bigger" picture sometimes becomes more manageable. I love you sis

S. Barnes said...

"the bare naked blessing of life," I LOVE this phrase! So clearly and beautifully and SIMPLY put! Thank you, dear friend!!!!

Debbie said...

I am glad the kids have helped you in your heavy time. I hope your heart gets lightened soon and you continue to see the simple beauty around you.

Jme said...

Or was his finger just a little too big?? :)
On a more serious note...thank you for this message. It's amazing how slow and quiet life around us can get when we just focus on the simple things.
Last night during the storm I was so worried about a mama bird and her nest that have made their home in our backyard. I kept asking matt if he thought she was going to be okay (just thinking out loud I think) and he finally said "she built her home there for a reason and she's going to be fine". I think the simplicity of accepting that her instincts where way better than what I could provide for her was just that...simple...I let go of the worry about it and when I went out there this morning ~ she was just fine. She knew what she was doing. Anyway...my point is that nature is simple ~ there's no mumbo jumbo involved...it just is. Wouldn't it be nice to live that way too? :)FOllowing our instincts and knowing that it's in harmony with the world around us.

Nonnie said...

on a different note, sass....i would love to see more of the 4th of july photos on your photography blog....i know there have to be more amazing photos! :)

daisies said...


Blair said...

I remind myself of these things too!
I always try to remember this when I am frustrated by something as simple as waiting in line... that my frustration leads me to forget that there is beauty around me that I am failing to notice... I love it when I remember in time to take life simply.

bella said...

this posts resonates for me.
lately, with things going on in my world, focusing on the little things does indeed help to bring some much needed sanity. and comfort. and tenderness.
love those little ones for always pointing the way back home.