30 Days::Day 3

dinosaurs on the "mountain" by the light of the morning sun

This is usually how our mornings begin these days. Only, normally, there is a 3 year old standing on the arm of the couch next to the armoir. He must have been on break in this picture. These figurines have become the latest decor in this specific place...all previous trinkets have been moved in order to provide more room for dinosaur roaming, and growling, and fighting (why must they fight?), and inevitably falling off of the mountain. I keep telling him that if all the dinosaurs keep falling off the mountain...they just might wind up extinct. Just an educated guess.

I am feeling so much better this morning. All body aches, chills and the low down misery that was existing within has vacated the premises. The only thing I woke up with was a sore throat, headache and a head cold. So, I am blowing my nose every three minutes...but at least I can go fetch me my own kleenex because today I can walk.

It is always amazing what sickness does for me. Slowing me down enough to really experience it...the aches and pain and discomfort. Somehow, intentionally I suppose, it brings my mind to the things in my life...be they thoughts, or habits, or actions...that bring in their own little parties of pain and misery and discomfort into my spirit. It always becomes more of a spirit and heart issue than a physical issue for me. Like my body is generously manifesting what isn't at ease within.

I suppose it is a good thing to have a dose of that once in a while. If we carried around our crap without ever being shown how "sick" it makes us...then we might never even come face to face with what needs a bit of reshaping, of letting go, of coming to terms with...or whatever it may be.

Not that I like being sick, mind you.

I think I would rather fall off the mountain. Well, as long as I was plastic and nearly unbreakable.


Nonnie said...

i got to see this mountain of dinosaurs yesterday....and a few even fall off! :) on the way home from the park yesterday, asher was a baby lion (only because a BIG lion wouldn't fit in the van) and he said he was "going to bite you nonnie"...to which i explained, if he bit me, i would not be able to get him an ice cream cone ......so he decided "maybe yater!"

so glad you are feeling a bit better, sass....you still "sounded" miserable.

PixieDust said...

Illness can certainly put many things in perspective... thank you for the reminder in such beautiful words...

My daughter had a dinosaur collection - she could name everyone, and though she loved dolls, dinosaurs were her favorites. This picture brought back some lovely memories of when my little one played with them...

awwww, I think I need to (((HUG))) you for that - mmmmmm!


Debbie said...

I just love that picture. Asher and his dinosaurs...just precious. I am glad you are starting to feel better. Leave it to you to find the silver lining of being sick. I am constantly amazed at your view of the world!

Beth said...

i'm SO sorry you've been sick, but i'm loving this "picture a day for 30 days" deal! the dinosaurs are perfectly lovely! my kind of decor:) glad to hear you are on the up!

Anonymous said...

The dinosaurs casts an eerie shadow...scaary!!
I'm glad you are feeling better or at least in a different faze. Fortunately, I don't get sick too often...so when I do...I always think perhaps I'm terminal!!
Auntie Vee

amanda said...

Love this! I think the shadow is the best part of the photo.