Lloyd Christmas

Asher had a haircut a couple of days ago from Papa. He's not a fan of haircuts. It's like trying to tell a cat it is time for a bath. But....never the less...Papa managed to accomplish the task. Josh called him Lloyd (from Dumb and Dumber) when he first saw the cut, but he is the cutest Lloyd Christmas I have ever seen!!!


Cory said...

That is sooo hilarious Jess. I busted out laughing. He looks cute!!!

Nonnie said...

Papa did a good job! :) He might actually get used to this someday! Maybe when hes 12! :) What a sweetie!

GG said...

Papa looks like a professional. Asher looks like a great picture of forced endurance. But the finished product is a beautifully handsome little boy whom I am glad to say is my great grandson!