ok...so i have been utterly inspired by a fellow blogger. i was searching around for mom's groups through google and came across a blog that i truly enjoy reading and it has really done something for me in the past few days. i LOVE being inspired and this woman has done just that with her writing and the way she uses her blog to record moments in her child's life! needless to say...i am going to start using this space i have created here not only as a place to post pictures of my little human treasures...but also as a place to share thoughts for the day, or fun stories about my little ones, or moments that are just too valuable to keep only to myself. i am putting my intention out there to start using some of my time to create and to encourage conversation and to give myself the challenge of composing my thoughts, ideas, questions, experiences (and whatever else i need to get off my chest at the moment) into expressions that can be manifested as new posts for this blog. i have always loved writing...from the intimacy of journaling to the last minute BS-ing i resorted to in completing a paper for school...i just find some wonderful creative power in it and i am looking forward to using this space as an invitation to foster that spirit. this is just my own way of holding myself accountable to it....by expressing it to whoever may find themselves reading this! ok...so now i have to save asher from the scary "RAR" that has driven him to take haven under the bed sheets. (talk about creative energy!)

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GG said...

Keep inspired, Jessie. Your Blog entries inspire me too. I look forward to all new entries from you.