after The Plunge

I'm sitting with a lot of awareness after going to the Mother's Plunge. I think it is because I practiced paying attention all day long. I came back to my breath, to my life, to the moment and remembered that there is nothing but love there waiting for me. Maezen herself would say that there was nothing she talked about that we each didn't already know. Truth works like that, constant and patient for us to return. I was reminded of the life that is front of me. I was reminded of the work that is mine. I was reminded to sit, to walk, to listen. To be. Part of me is fighting this urge to hold onto every nugget of wisdom she carried with her that day. I want to encourage my mind to remember the details of what she said. I want to write them down so that I can revisit them and remember the way I felt when I heard them. The truth is, they are written down. Not in my mind, but in the center of my universe. They are here, with me, always. I know that what I need from our day together will always be here for me. I know that the faint remembrance of her voice, of her laughter, of her words will filter into my consciousness exactly when they are supposed to. I trust, without knowing how or why, that I gained everything I could possibly have gained just by allowing myself to step into the field beyond right or wrong. I am excited for my practice. For my life. For coming home.


Anonymous said...

I love your life.

daisies said...

how wonderful ... i love you. xo

mb said...

my heart gushes thinking of you sharing your love here.


Terri said...

"constant and patient for us to return." yessss.

Carie said...

beautifully written. I was just reflecting on the day today. hard to believe it was a week ago. it was nice meeting you :)

i am the diva said...

Hi! I wandered over from Boho Photography, following the journey of the Friendship box... did you pass it on? did i miss it??

オテモヤン said...


Josey's mom said...

I just found your blog through matt rundio's blog-lovely!

jena strong said...

This captures beautifully how I felt after the Plunge last June. Such a day. Such a life.

Happy birthday, to a beautiful bright spirit.