growing life.

"Everything is GROWING mama...see everything is growing?".
"Why is everything growing?".
Just as I, my junebug has been taking note of all the life around us. Greens and browns and bright blossoms of promise appearing on the sturdy branches of anchored life. It really is a change to witness all around...the earth transforming into spring. It is really warm here. Really, very warm. My children are stripping down to their bare nakedness each day in attempt to capture some relief (and the freedom feels just as nice I suppose)! They are naked jaybirds this time of year. Oh how lovely. Spring.
Great change is on the horizon in my life...I squint at it daily and hear gentle nudges of motivation to get things in order, to prepare.
Change is taking place deep inside my core...from the inside out. Which reaps epic proportions compared to the wasted energy of trying to reverse that motion. Perspective shifts and a whole new world is awake to the opened eye.
I am deep in practice of seeking truth.
Everything about it is lovely.
Even the hard stuff.
Because, when I press my heart to answer what I know of life...what else is there to do? I seek and I am beginning to understand gentleness in a completely intimate way.
Which echoes love and warmth and all things tender.
So, at first with all this change stirring about...I thought it was ideal timing for a new blog. Things are shifting...my focus is changing on what I write about...my life is cocooning and opening and drifting through that cycle so consistently.
But a new blog doesn't feel right anymore.
It is easy for me to move forward and move on and move.
It is a bit more difficult for me to stay put and re-create with what I already have.
This feels like the bravest thing I could do...stay put, make things new here, design life right where it is.
So, I continue to love THIS life.
And I grow exactly where I am.


latisha said...

oh how we are kindred. not so long ago we were thinking about moving and feeling so conflicted with the decision. then i read this amazing bit/piece/lecture from a zen priest (not sure what to call it).. anyway its about the whole idea of looking everywhere else for peace is what gets us caught up in not finding it, when its right in our own backyard. if i can find, ill send it to you. maybe youll like it.

Debbie said...

Jess, I have missed you so much in this space and in the real world. Your words (as always) are calming, inspiring and thought-provoking. I just adore how you look at life. I am glad to hear that you are doing so well and feeling so many good things and being okay with the painful things. There truly is a change in the air this year, most people I know are going through it.
We miss you deeply dear friend, I hope we can find time soon to get together.

kimberly said...

it's something we all deal with, i believe.....but good to find a new way to look at the same things....quite a knack to that i believe! :)

moonboots said...

You two are kindred! I don't need a zen master - I've got my mama and she wisely told me "if you're not happy HERE, you won't be happy THERE"
I'm so glad we are all going to get together finally! see ya thursday!

jenica said...

hey hun, i'm going to call you today or tomorrow!